There's a point to points.

Points are the heart of Butter's loyalty program. They are like tokens of achievement that represent your journey on the platform and highlight your distribution of the upcoming $BUTTER drop.


The Butter leaderboard is your gateway to friendly competition and reward tracking. It showcases your personal Points and rank, as well as the top users globally. With daily updates, the green and red arrows signal changes amongst Butter members ranking movements.

Join the leaderboard challenge, strive for the top, and enjoy the rewards of your success in the Butter community.

Swap, LP and earn.

Engaging with the Swap on Butter is not just about making trades, it's an opportunity to earn Points and Yield. Every swap counts! The rewards page allows you to track your total volume swapped and number of trades, visualizing your interaction's performance.


Invite friends to join Butter.xyz and watch your Points multiply. With every successful referral, you accumulate Points not only for your activities but also for your referrals' interactions and own network. It's a win-win situation, and your Points will reflect this.

Simply generate a referral link using the "refer" button and start sharing!

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