The Bakery

It's time for a return...on Blast. Bringing back fan favorites, The Bakery is a fun, time-sensitive experience for Blast traders to earn and multiply Blast rewards in a PvP arena.

Best part? 100% of our Gold goes back to the community, and there's never been a more fun way to get your hands on some Gold.


The Bakery's ecosystem revolves around $MILK and its accumulation. It's a simple process: 1. Earn $MILK 2. Mint $MILK within 3 hours of earning it 3. Receive Blast Gold

Important Points

  • $MILK is a non-tradable ERC-20 token obtainable only through our games.

  • The amount of $MILK held per user will equate to their individual Gold distribution.

  • Snapshots are taken at times as determined by the team, which correspond to your individual Gold distribution

  • $MILK must be minted within 3 hours of earning it.

Earning $MILK

Minting $MILK

To mint your earned $MILK go to: Note: You must mint your $MILK within 3 hours of receiving it, otherwise it goes sour!

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