What is Butter Perps?

Butter Perps are a perpetuals exchange deeply connected to current market trends.

Our mission's primary objective is to deliver a new trading experience to the degens still active in a bear market. By directing our resources to the freshest trends and underserved markets, we provide all degens with the most relevant and timely trading opportunities.


  • Trend-Driven: web3 is ever-changing, with new players and trends emerging daily. We are always on top of what's trending. We won't necessarily provide a market for every new shiny thing, but our platform will reflect the pulse of the market.

  • Degeneracy: Crypto is very much a PVP realm, especially during a bear market. It's volatile, unpredictable, and many people will get rekt. We're ok with this. Our platform is not here to sugarcoat or onboard new users, but rather to provide the tools and opportunities for everyone to take their stance on anything trending.

  • Profitability: While crypto is a zero-sum game, we focus on profitability and aim to provide a profitable experience to everyone. Through gasless transactions, transparency and security, we help our users to make the most of their trades.

  • Transparency: Being a CEX doesn't mean we work in shadows. We are committed to transparency. We offer a fair, trusted experience for everyone. The rules are clear and written in plain sight.

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