Fishing Staking

Moar Rewards

Every fishing attempt provides you a chance at collecting $MNT rewards and the ability to multiply those rewards further.


When a fishing attempt is successful, the subsequent $MNT reward is held for 24 hours before it is automatically staked.

Staking rewards are distributed daily to your pool at 00:01 UTC.

This $MNT is staked using Circuit Protocols unique Vault mechanic, providing a generous fluctuating APY. Up to date APY rates can be found here.

Note: No DeFi protocol is without risk and users should familiarize themselves with all possible risks whenever interacting with a protocol. You can find more information here regarding these risks.


Your $MNT reward can be withdrawn at anytime and will be deposited to your account (not your external wallet).

A withdrawal fee will be incurred at a rate of ( Ethereum Gwei / 100 ) and settled in $MNT. For example: If Ethereum gas is at 50 gwei, the withdrawal fee will be 0.5 $MNT.

You can withdraw this balance to your external wallet at anytime.

Note: Butter has the discretion to refuse rewards to accounts flagged or determined as Sybil.

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