Cross-margin leverage

Overview is a cross-margin exchange, which means that your collateral is shared across all of your positions, and your margin requirements are summed from the margin requirements of each of your positions.

In other words, you don't have to separately deposit ETH collateral for each position you want to open.

Because your collateral and margin are shared across your account, leverage is measured at the account level, not at the individual position level. When you open a position, you do not choose what leverage you want to open the position with; instead, your account's estimated leverage after opening the trade is automatically calculated and displayed.

Example 1

Jane deposits 1 ETH and opens a long position in AZUKI worth 10 ETH. Her account leverage is 10x.

Example 2

John deposits 1 ETH and opens a long position in BAYC worth 2 ETH. He later opens another position in CAPTAINZ-PERP worth 5 ETH, and finally he opens a position in AZUKI-PERP worth 3 ETH. Like Jane, his total position notional is 10 ETH, and his account leverage is 10x.

More details

For more details please read our margin and collateral guide.

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