Welcome to Butter.xyz, the new standard for crypto exchanges

Trade Hard, Profit Harder

Welcome to Butter.xyz, a comprehensive dual-component exchange that offers trading opportunities to all types of traders. It combines a decentralized token swap with low fees and high liquidity on the Mantle L2, and a centralized perpetuals exchange tailored for degens, emphasizing trend-driven opportunities and fostering a transparent, fair environment. With unique features and exclusive markets, we redefine the traditional trading experience in the crypto realm.

Mantle DEX

Butter Swap is the premier decentralized liquidity venue on Mantle, the Ethereum layer-2 redefining scalability with its modular architecture and decentralized data availability component.

  • Security: Butter Swap extends from Uniswap V3, the most popular and proven decentralized exchange in the world.

  • Low fees: Mantle's layer-2 scaling solutions significantly reduce transaction costs associated with swapping assets.

  • High liquidity: Users can make sizeable trades with low slippage because Butter Swap is Mantle's top DEX.

  • User interface: Butter Swap gives users a familiar swap interface, upgraded with a slicker experience.

Perpetuals Exchange

Butter Perps give traders access to markets they won't find elsewhere. Traders love the instant and gasless trades, variety of markets, and easy user experience.

  • Trend Alignment: Butter.xyz is calibrated to track and adapt to prevailing market trends, ensuring that traders are always in sync with the market's pulse.

  • Security: Integrated with mechanisms as reliable as major blockchain platforms.

  • User Interface: A streamlined and intuitive user interface that facilitates trading in markets not indexed elsewhere.

  • Gasless Transactions: Users can trade without incurring any gas fees, ensuring smooth and cost-effective operations on the platform.

Remember: Butter.xyz is structured for those familiar with the crypto landscape. Trade responsibly.

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