Risk free earning.

Imagine fishing but every catch could be a nice shiny new token. This time it's $MNT (Mantle Network's native token).

Dive into Fishing and Stake for More

Begin by unlocking your chance to fish through using our Swap

Once unlocked, every interaction on Butter will bring you closer to gaining another free fishing attempt. And with each fishing attempt, you have a chance to win $MNT.

To maximize yield, your $MNT reward is auto staked should you choose not to withdraw it. This earns you an impressive 56%* APY whilst additionally accumulating you more points. So don't snooze and get to fishing.

For more on the Staking mechanic, please read here: Fishing Staking

Fishing Overview

  1. Fishing Attempts

This number represents how many fishing attempts you have remaining.

  1. $MNT Balance

Displays the amount of $MNT you currently have staking. Any new rewards gained will be added to this balance.

  1. Discord and Sound

Click the discord button to join Butter's discord.

The sound icon enables or disables the Fishing theme song.

  1. Fish

Pressing this button will start your fishing attempt!

How to Fish

  1. Accessing

Head to the rewards tab and click the "Go Fish" button. Or follow the button pop up which occurs after you've successfully unlocked another Fishing attempt through a swap.

  1. Connect Wallet

Connect your designated wallet and sign. This will display your available fishing attempts!

  1. Start your Fish

Click the "Start Fishing" button to cast your line.

  1. Smash the crate

If your lucky, you will catch a reward. Smash the crate open by click on it.

  1. Check if you were lucky!

Congrats! Your $MNT reward will be displayed. This reward will be automatically staked after a 24 hour delay. To learn more on this, see Fishing Staking

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