Trading Fees

The default trading fee for perpetuals markets is 0.3%.

Fees are assessed in ETH on the notional size (ETH amount) traded.

For example, if you were to open or close a position valued at 1 ETH, the trading fee would be 0.003 ETH (calculated as 0.003 multiplied by 1 ETH).

High Divergence Fee

When the mark-index divergence exceeds 5% and a trade increases the mark-index divergence, or if a trade causes the mark-index divergence to exceed 5%, the trade will pay a 2.5% fee (instead of the default 0.3% fee).

Liquidation Fee

The fee on liquidation trades is 2.5%.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Butter.xyz does not charge deposit and withdrawal fees.

Deposits and withdrawals interact with our smart contract, resulting in standard transaction fees. These costs are borne by the users and will vary depending on network congestion.

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