Getting Access

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Private beta access & Invites

Our platform is currently operating in an exclusive Early Access phase, available to our early adopters and those with special invites. Once you have an invite, access is as simple as connecting your wallet and entering your invite code.

Invites will be rolled out progressively and we will whitelist entire communities to gain access to our platform. If you're interested, send us a DM on Twitter.

For those keen on joining the action but without an invite, there's still hope! You can express your interest and possibly secure a spot by sharing your enthusiasm on Twitter. Through these mechanisms, we're ensuring a stable product at our public launch.

Claim your first badge!

That's it! You're ready to trade with But first, don't forget to claim your first badge. Badges are an essential part of our ecosystem, you can learn more about them on our Rewards page.

Accessing your invite codes

Gaining access to will provide you with 3 invite codes to share with friends. Don't forget these count towards your Invitoor Badge! Clicking Rewards in the navigation bar will display your 3 shareable codes. Clicking reveal with allow you to copy the code and send to friends. Once the invitee has used your code, it will display as "claimed". So get sharing and collect your rightful badge!

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