Spot Trading

Zero gas. Actually the lowest fees.

A) Account Values & Info Bar

i. Account Values

Spot trades may have an affect on your account value, and consequently affect your Perpetuals trade variables. E.g. You have an account equity of 0.1 Eth. You buy 0.05 Eth worth of $UNIBOT. Later that 0.05 Eth of $UNIBOT is now worth 0.025 Eth. Your account equity is now 0.075 Eth and consequently the below will be affected. It is worth always keeping in mind the following:


This is your total accounts value and is the sum of the following:

  • Deposited Ethereum (collateral)

  • Unrealized profit and loss (PnL) from current open trading positions.

  • Value of all tokens held.

IM Utilization:

Initial margin is the amount you deposit as collateral for a leveraged trade on Perpetuals.

IM Utilization reflects your initial margin deposits across all currently open positions. Should this reach 100% you will not be able to open any new positions.

MM Utilization:

Maintenance margin is the minimum amount of equity that you must hold to maintain open trade positions. Should this reach 100% you will be liquidated across all currently opened positions.

For further details about the IM and MM calculations, please see our margin and collateral guide.

ii. Info Bar

The information bar provides you all relevant information related to the trading market's price and volume.

24 Hour Token Information:

Collection information on the trading prices 24 hour movements is displayed here. The information includes the 24 hour price change, price high, price low and volume.

Base Asset:

Name of the selected token to trade in the relevant pair.

E.g. $PEPE / $ETH, $PEPE is the base asset.

Base Asset in Pool:

The total number of the base asset in the liquidity pool.

Quote Asset:

Token used to quote the price of the base asset in the relevant pair.

E.g. $PEPE / $ETH, $ETH is the quote asset.

Quote Asset in Pool:

The total quantity of the pair's quote asset in the pool.

B) Executing a Trade

To execute a spot trade follow the below steps:

  1. Pair select

Navigate to the token you would like to trade by either of the following:

  • Clicking the collection name on the trading page and navigating to the "Spot" category

  • Clicking markets in the navigation bar

  1. Swapping

Buy or Sell:

Select whether you would like to buy the base asset for the quote asset or sell the base asset for the quote asset.


Input an amount you would like to swap in either form. Each form will mirror the relative amount in the respective token.

You can also shortcut a specific percentage to swap using the bar below the amount forms.


Input your preferred slippage tolerance percentage.

Slippage tolerance refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual executed price, due to market volatility and liquidity variables. By setting a slippage tolerance, you specify the maximum price difference you are willing to accept for the transaction to go through. If the slippage exceeds this set tolerance, the transaction will not be executed.

Eth Balance:

Displays your current Ethereum balance.


Click trade when you are ready to execute your token swap.

C) Balance + Deposit & Withdrawal

Your tokens and relevant balance will display here.

i. Deposit & Withdrawal

Clicking the deposit or withdrawal button will enable you to deposit or withdraw your selected tokens to your wallet.

D) Trading Chart

The trading chart displays all current trading information related to the selected collection and is able to be customised to your liking.

E) Live Trades Feed

Displays a live feed of swaps on the selected pair.


This is the Eth price at which the trade was made.


Displays the base asset amount bought or sold.

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